Join The Room Debate!

Thinking caps at the ready? It’s a bedroom today – I picked it because I felt it was quite a challenging room with lots to get our critical juices flowing!

As always, it’s easy to take part. Just have a good look at the room photo below and leave a comment with your answers to these two questions:

One thing I like most about this room is…

One thing I like least about this room is…

{Living etc via House to Home}

I’ll kick the discussion off in the comments below. Remember, it’s about finding both the good and bad so don’t feel afraid to add your thoughts.

Have a lovely long weekend – I’ll be back here on Tuesday!

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  1. says

    Like – the lampshade, it’s the one i have in my kitchen! Least like – the window film, way too much going on with the floral curtains. I wish the cushion on the bed was shocking pink too rather than purple.

  2. says

    I LIKE the proportions of the room a lot – I would love a bedroom as large and airy as this. I expect it might actually be set up in the living room of a location house hence the size of the room (and also the window film to disguise the fact it’s the ground floor). Or maybe not. Anyway, I love the bright airy feel accentuated by all the mirror glass. The grey shade on those doors is lovely too.

    I DON’T LIKE the mix of furniture here. Why have a vintage-y French upholstered bed with a super contemporary Fly light? To me that’s a kitchen light not a bedroom light. And then the IKEA dressing table and chair… I am a big fan of people cleverly mixing IKEA with more expensive stuff but to do it sucessfully you need to pick the right stuff. The dressing table/desk is ok but that cheap and nasty metal outdoor chair looks so peculiar and doesn’t work at all. And then the expensive-ish fabric made into bespoke blinds. The selection of pieces seems confused to me.

    What do you think?

  3. says

    I think there is way too much going on in that room. It doesn’t feel calming and resful. Dislike: the mirrors on the wardrobes. Like: the bed, the pendant light (I have two of the white ones in my living room!), the morroccan throw on the bed, the blinds, and the dark grey on the wardrobes. But not all together if that makes sense.

  4. says

    I like the overall feel of the room, but I really don’t like the red chair at the vanity. Red and pink don’t mix well, in my opinion. :3

  5. Mandy says

    I like the Jali screens on the windows (I have this pattern inserted in my bedroom wardrobe doors) It’s not film on the windows. But the curtains ruin the subtle Arabic pattern. The black pattern on the bottom of the duuvet cover tiesin with the Jali screen pattern, tho.
    I really don’t like the rest of it – too many mirrors (not good Feng Shui in the bedroom), too much “hard” furniture (and cheap-looking) . . . .

  6. says

    Mmmm, interesting. I can’t say I am a fan. I like the window :) I dislike most intently the mirrors on the wardrobe. I do not want to wake up in the morning and be assaulted by my morning face.

  7. says

    I like the wardrobes too, especially the grey, but am not keen on the rest of the room. There seem to be too may styles in one room. I feel that that beautiful window should have amazing curtains draped in front of them rather than the blinds and Ikea table.

  8. Sally says

    I like the colours of the room and the lampshade is a nice touch, as is the chair (like the repeat of colours here). Also how lovely to have a bay window and a wall of wardrobes. On the downside there’s just too many sharp lines here, too many hard edges. I think the wardrobe surfaces are the culprits. The light shade and the chair’s curves add some softening, but in this room, plain painted (not mirrored) wardrobes, less on the bed and curtains/drapes rather than blinds would pull it together and make it a space you’d want to spend time in.

  9. Kelly-Ann says

    liking – the window dressing, particularly the window film
    not liking – the hairy runner on the bed. WHY put it on there? yuk!

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