Join The Room Debate!

Welcome to the fourth Decorator’s Notebook Room Debate! I’ve found something a little bit different to get you thinking today…

It’s easy to take part. Just have a good look at the room photo below and leave a comment with your answers to these two questions:

One thing I like most about this room is…

One thing I like least about this room is…

{via Art & Décoration}

As always, I’ve kicked off the discussion in the comments. Meet you there and have a lovely weekend!

PS – if you’ve missed any of the previous Room Debates you’ll find them here.

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  1. says

    The thing I like MOST: the exposed brick wall – rustic, natural, love it.

    The thing I like LEAST: it feels to me like there’s too much furniture crammed into the space – I’d lose the coffee table and maybe replace with smaller side tables or perhaps an upturned wooden crate?

  2. Katie Wickes says

    The thing I don’t like is the dark wood panels. They feel oppressive to me and would be so much nicer stripped back to natural wood or painted white.

    My favourite thing is the lights, especially the big factory lights over the table. I like how they’re on visible wire too. I love the industrial style!

  3. says

    The thing I like most is the mix of faded and natural colours and unpolished textures.
    The thing I like least is how self consciously the lamp wires are draped in lots of little repeated snakey scoops, looks too prissy for industrial lamps.

  4. says

    The things I like most are the industrial lights and the exposed brick wall. Oddly I normally love those Tolix chairs but I’m not keen in this setting.

    The thing I like least is the overall cohesiveness of the look – it feels a bit matchy matchy to me.

    I think perhaps Patricia nailed it with the “gastropub” comment – there’s a slight feeling of inauthenticity too it. And I agree that there’s a bit too much stuff crammed in!


  5. Michelle says

    The thing I like least is the dark wood panels (cupboard? can’t tell) – it feels just a little too dark and heavy for me.

    I like the exposed brick, Tolix chairs and the lights.

  6. says

    Bonjour – loving your blog btw as always! The thing I like most is the lighting. The thing I like least is the styling. Who chops apples like that in the middle of a table? Also, that vase is WAY too big for blossom branches. Just saying. JADED…?!


  7. says

    I really like this room, lots of great colours and textures. I like the mix of styles, however, it does feel a little cold and visually overwhelming. It would be served well with a little paring down of elements whilst keeping the personality. I agree that it would make the most amazing room in a gastropub if room size was increased three-fold.

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