Join The Room Debate!

It’s Friday, it’s the start of the Olympics, it’s time for The Room Debate – what more could you ask for?!

So, thinking caps at the ready? As always, it’s easy to take part in the debate. Just have a good look at the photo below and leave a comment with your answers to these two questions:

One thing I like most about this room is…

One thing I like least about this room is…

{Bronnie Masefau via Desire to Inspire}

An unusual one, don’t you think? As always I’ll kick things off in the comments below – meet me there and we can get the conversation going…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone – GO TEAM GB!!!

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  1. says

    Morning all!

    So, the thing I like MOST today is that antique mirror used as a headboard. I’m a big fan of ‘alternative’ headboards (this reminds me I’ve been meaning to write a post about it) and I think this worn mirror looks especially lovely against that shade of grey on the wall behind.

    The thing I like LEAST is the totally crazy pillow piling! This is one of my pet hates… why would anyone want THREE PILLOWS??? And then three massive cushions AS WELL??? Saying that, I do like the choice of bedlinen – those layered neutrals are most pleasing.

    Over to you…
    DN x

  2. says

    The thing i most like, is the antique mirror. The thing i least like, is that it is used as the headboard. This is purely based on the fear factor of it falling on my head! But design wise, lovely, agree about the pillows though, most obscure!

  3. says

    Really like the mixed rugs on the floor (although might be a pain to vacuum). Feel the same about the pillows. They just end up on the floor – what’s the point?

  4. says

    Hmmm. Tough one. I have to say I like the cushions quite a bit as they provide a pop of color. However you are right, I never understood why you want a pile of pillows on your bed. Also I kinda like the oversized lamps? The thing I like the least is the rug (are the rugs?). Don´t ask me why though.

  5. Yas says

    I like how the light is playing with the colour of the wall, I really think that is a nice grey for a cosy bedroom. However I don’t like the rugs… At all. Don’t like rugs in the bedroom as a rule since they gather dust and after a few years I think they start to smell funny. I agree that all the pillows are a bit overdone.

  6. says

    I love the mirror (though I hate mirrors in the bedroom), like the pillows but they would end up in some dusty corner in my house. The rugs are amazing!! Would be a pain to vacuum but lovely all the same (an element of cozy that balances the cool grey). I hate the lamps. They work I guess, but I would prefer a nice tarnished brass to compliment the mirror. The bed looks inviting which is all it takes to make a lousy bedroom wonderful.

    • says

      I like the rugs too – I am really in love with wool flat woven rugs like this at the moment. I have a little one I brought back from Bolivia somewhere… reminds me I should try digging it out again.

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