Join The Room Debate!


Morning all! It’s my birthday today and what better way to celebrate than with the world famous Decorator’s Notebook Room Debate (humour me, just for today?). It’s a Scandinavian style white bedroom with natural touches for our perusal today… To join in, just take a good look at the photo below and leave a comment… 

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Paint effects: they’re back and this time they’re on a roll!


I am a child of the paint effect generation and my Mum’s passion for rag rolling and scumble glazing was what sparked my passion for interiors in the first place. So when photographer Clare Bosanquet dropped me an email about her traditional Romanian paint pattern rollers, I was intrigued. Clare stumbled across these patterned rollers… 

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Shake your tail feather


I find myself adding more and more natural touches to my rooms at the moment… a delicate seedhead here, a crispy-dried hydrangea head there. Next time I head back to Somerset I’m on the hunt for dramatic pheasant tail feathers to add to my hoard. {via Home Beautiful} {via Britta Nickel} {via Serin & Sorrel}… 

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