5 Tips For Keeping Cut Blossom Branches Fresh

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There’s nothing like the sight of blossom on the trees to convince me that spring has finally sprung. After months of seeing bare branches, the froths of pink and white truly lift my heart and mood. When the buds opened this year I excitedly rushed outside with my secateurs aloft to snip off a couple… 

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Earth laughs in flowers


I came across the dreamiest blog last week. To me it seems to perfectly capture the beautiful sadness that accompanies these last fading days of summer. Emerson Merrick is written by New York florist Amy Merrick. However her most inspiring posts come not from the Big Apple but from Elmwood, her tumbledown country escape in… 

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A bunch of flowers


It’s no secret that I love flowers and I love organising. If you’re similarly inclined, you’ll appreciate the beauty in today’s post! These pretty overhead photos and flower menus were produced by Krista Jon to help brides-to-be choose flowers that fit their wedding colours, but I think they’re useful for anyone picking blooms for their… 

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Columbia Road Flower Market (and around)


What better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning in the capital than wandering through the ever lovely Columbia Road Flower Market? Ok, wandering isn’t quite the right term given the hoards but there were still some wonderful sights, sounds and scents to enjoy. A group of gorgeous tulips – I love the parrot ones… 

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N is for Napkins


“People mentioned in Debrett’s never speak of serviettes” An oft-quoted nugget of wisdom from my Granny – she went to Swiss finishing school so when it comes to silly rhymes about manners, there’s no better source! And that’s why these pretty pins come now rather than eight letters down the line… N is for Napkins… 

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Deepest, darkest grey


I am obsessed by this deepest, darkest grey at the moment and debating where in Le Flat I can paint it. It’s one of those brilliant colours that’s nothing on its own. But mix it with a bright pink, soft heather, bold yellow or burnt orange and it suddenly blazes into life… {Tara Donne via… 

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I love Billy Balls


That’s craspedia to you Latin types. What did you think I was talking about? Shame on you. When a certain shade of grey meets a certain shade of yellow, something magical happens. My living room is painted exactly this grey, which means I need to get to Columbia Road sharpish! {Via The Marion House Book}… 

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