Nature in the Home… hedgerow


Now here’s the thing… there ain’t too many hedgerows in South London. But undeterred I set out into Crystal Palace Park armed with my secateurs and country bumpkin knowledge in the hope of finding some acceptable flora for Lou’s challenge. {all Decorator’s Notebook} Stomping through the more unkempt areas of the park getting stung with… 

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Ne’er cast a clout ’til may be out


This was my first Saturday since I finished my mentoring that I’ve actually been able to relax and have some time to myself. I was determined to be as lazy as possible, so I got up decadently late then cooked a scrummy brunch in my pjs. I went for a walk in Crystal Palace Park… 

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DIY: quick autumn garland


Wasn’t Sunday the most gorgeous autumn day? I took a walk through Crystal Palace Park in the warm sunshine and gathered a few handfuls of turning leaves, hips and berries to make an simple garland to bring some of that autumn beauty into my home. This autumn garland is so easy it’s a bit of… 

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Local tourist: Crystal Palace Park


I’m a country bumpkin at heart and can often be found over in Crystal Palace Park getting my greenery fix. Ok, it might not be quite like my native Westcountry but it has grass, trees and farm animals… plus a few more exotic additions! With summer’s welcome return to London in the last few days… 

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