Storage in yellow and grey


Three little words that make my eyes light up! Cast yours over these lovely ideas for a bright and organised hallway from Swedish mag, Drömhem & Trädgård. 1950s larders like this crop up all the time on eBay – I like them because they tend to be fairly narrow so are perfect for slotting into… 

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We came, we wallpapered, we conquered


Knock me down with a feather! Yesterday’s wallpapering was a success! Here’s the result… Ok, so the low wall still needs painting, those ugly cables need tidying, the radiator’s a shame and I need to replace that cheap door, but aside from that I’m really pleased with how this room is finally shaping up. Even… 

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Wallpapering day…BEFORE


My friend and I made a pact. I’d help her with her wallpapering and she’d come and help me with mine. Back in April we completed our first attempt and my friend now has a gorgeous palm leafy hall. Check it out here. Tomorrow sees the second installment. Well, actually the third installment but the… 

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