Five key global interior trends for 2015

Global interior trends for 2015 - Decorator's Notebook

I love spotting emerging interior design trends and, this year, global influences are set to make their way into our homes with a cool and contemporary twist. I’m so excited about seeing this one develop as I’m a big fan of adding unique touches to my rooms with intriguing textures and natural materials. There are so many amazing indigenous crafts out there it’s wonderful to be a part of showcasing them to world! In this post I’ll introduce you to the key global crafts set to make a splash in our homes during 2015.

Which of these global interior trends gets your creative juices flowing?

Global interior trend mudcloth


Mudcloth, or bògòlanfini, comes from Mali. It’s a textile dying technique using fermented mud and plant dyes to create bold patterns in deep black-brown and white. I love how the graphic patterns fit into contemporary interiors while still retaining the heritage of this ancient craft. The best mudcloth textiles are made with hand-loomed fabric – traditionally the men weave the cloth and the women dye it. Expect to see graphic mudcloth used in bedpreads, cushions, wall hangings and even upholstery.

Global interiors trends boucherouite rugs

Boucherouite rugs

These colourful rag rugs are made in Morocco, usually by women in rural areas. Genuine boucherouite rugs are completely unique as the weavers simply use whichever cloth scraps they have to hand and invent their own patterns as they go. Traditional colours include fresh white, pink, blues, greens and oranges. Diamond and grid patterns are most common. Keep your eyes peeled for a very special collection of vintage boucherouite rugs coming to Decorator’s Notebook later this year!

Global interiors trends Maasai beading

Tribal beading

Beautiful embellishments of tiny beads, inspired by the ceremonial jewellery of the Maasai, will be applied in some really creative ways this year. This is jewellery for home accessories and you’ll spot strings of glass beads tightly wound around bottle necks, woven around vases or used to create colourful edging for textiles. Colours range from traditional bold reds and oranges to more graphic monochrome combinations.

Global interiors trend shibori indigo textiles

Shibori indigo textiles

The deep blue colour you get from real indigo dye is a world away from chemical dyes. True indigo is extracted from the plant and spread out in the sun to dry into intense coloured power. Shibori is a Japanese resist dying technique where the cloth is skillfully stitched, bound and tied before dying with indigo to create beautiful designs. Decorator’s Notebook will soon be the first UK shop selling stunning shibori indigo throws (above) and cushions from Living Blue, a social enterprise in Bangladesh where indigo plants are grown… join our mailing list for the big announcement when they go on sale!

Global interiors trend bright baskets

Bright baskets

Storage gets cheerful this year as amazing woven baskets from Africa make an appearance. Styles range from wide, flat bowls (which look great hung on the wall in groups) to flexible storage baskets made from colourful sisal twine, like the Kenyan baskets from Decorator’s Notebook. Look for those made by members of fair trade co-operatives as basket weaving can give a major boost to the womens’ incomes in rural areas, especially in times of poor harvest. A kaleidoscope of bright baskets is a quick and easy way to add a little fun to your home.

I hope that you’ve seen something new here that inspires you. Remember that where trends lead, fakes follow, so please do try seek out the real deal where you can and support talented independent artisans by choosing ethical and fair trade products. If you’re struggling for sources drop us a message in the comments and we’ll happily point you in the right direction. You’ll be richly rewarded with beautiful home accessories from your home with real heritage and tradition behind them, not to mention real people who have the chance at improving their future with your help. The ripple effect when you buy fair trade is so much wider than you might think… you can make a real difference!


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  1. says

    Being based in Morocco has definitely fed my carpet obsession – wether the colourful boucherouite or the monochromatic beni ourain. . . . both continue to be sought after decorative elements for good reason!

  2. says

    Ya! Great shout out for wonderful, riotous, crazy Boucherouite rag rugs. We’ve been in love with them (and bringing them to the UK) for the last decade. A feast for the eyes. Jo, Maroc Tribal

  3. Paul Cresswell says

    Hi Bethan, great post- do you see any of these trends catching on more than the other? I love the indigo textiles, the intense colour is so beautiful you can’t help but stop and stare!

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