R is for Rustic

I can’t decide if ‘rustic’ is one of those annoying decorating adjectives that people splash about when they can’t think of a better way to describe a room that’s woody, natural, comfortably rough and beautifully worn.

However, after a loooong week and a glass or two of Pimms, I can’t think of a better word either so I’m afraid this collection of very lovely pins goes under this heading for the time being…

R is for Rustic

{Lopelilla via my Pinterest boards}

{via Sinnenrausch via my Pinterest boards}

{William Waldron via my Pinterest boards}

{Eldrids via my Pinterest boards}

{via Arbitrary Inclination via my Pinterest boards}

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Have a jubilicious long weekend everyone. I’m giving it every ounce of patriotism I’ve got and braving the hoards to watch the flotilla on the Thames. If you’re there too, give me a wave… I’ll be the one wearing red, white and blue :-)

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  1. says

    Nice post! I am totally drawn to this look – love the patina of aged timber, particularly when placed alongside something more modern, and LOVE the tactile quality of natural linens and wools. You can just breathe out in a space with these worn, rustic, soft touches….

    On another note, enjoy the Jubilee weekend!! I hope to be spending it on a few beautiful East Lothian and Fife beaches with the dogs (though will be catching up on all the Jubilee action in London on TV!)


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