My Room, Keep Out!

Where Children Sleep is a thought-provoking photo project by James Mollison. James was born in Kenya but grew up and studied in England before moving to Italy to work for Benetton’s research centre. The brief for the project was to communicate the complex social situations of children growing up in different parts of the world. James chose to do this by photographing their bedrooms (filled with signals of their circumstances) alongside individual portraits taken against a neutral background in which they each appear equal, ‘just as children’. Click the images for a larger view.

{all James Mollison for Where Children Sleep}

There are 27 bedrooms and portraits in total – each one is equally fascinating and touching, so I strongly recommend you view the whole project here.

Just don’t mess with Joey from Kentucky…

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  1. says

    What an incredibly poignant post! Very thought provoking…some more worrying than others – the little Japanese girl, dressed asa geisha – what is that all about??

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