Fairtrade Fortnight discount at Decorator’s Notebook shop

£5 off over £30 at Decorator's Notebook

Fairtrade Fortnight is in full swing and a great chance to consider how ethical choices when you shop can have a positive impact on the producers, whether that’s a farmer growing coffee or an artisan creating home accessories or jewellery.

To help you boost your basket, get £5 off your order when you spend £30 in the Decorator’s Notebook shop until 11th March. If you’ve had your eye on some picture frames to make a gallery wall, fancy some earrings to match a necklace or need a new set of mugs for your kitchen, enter code “FAIRTRADE5” and we’ll take £5 off your basket at the checkout. Visit the Decorator’s Notebook shop now.

Decorator's Notebook baskets - Kenya 10

The word “ethical” means different things to different people and there isn’t yet a fairtrade logo that applies to handicrafts, as there is for products like tea and bananas. So, what being a social business means to us at Decorator’s Notebook?


We believe social entrepreneurship and job creation are more sustainable ways to break the cycle of poverty than pity-purchasing and charity hand-outs.


Women will spend up to 90% of their wages on health, nutrition and education. Female breadwinners gain social status and self-esteem.


We partner with enterprises that uphold the WFTO’s 10 Principals of Fair Trade and offer long-term financial stability through fairly-paid employment.


We reject mass-production and seek out products made in independent, family-run workshops that employ people from the local community.


Natural raw materials are responsibly-grown and, where possible, locally-sourced. Whenever there is a recycled alternative, we will consider it.


By learning about the cultural traditions of the groups we work with, we create designs that showcase local handicraft skills, materials and heritage.


We don’t buy from a supplier one season and abandon them the next. Our timeless collections embody simple beauty that never goes out of fashion.


An ethical purchase that is never used or badly-made is still wasteful. We never lower our standards, so you get full enjoyment from everything you buy.


Read the story behind every piece to discover a meaningful human connection to the things you buy. We promote the artisans who make us what we are.


We battle the underlying causes of social inequality by supporting artisan training programs in literacy, healthcare, money-management and legal rights.

Jewellery group in India with Laura Cave from Just Trade

OFFER TERMS: Enter the code “FAIRTRADE5” at www.decoratorsnotebook.co.uk to receive £5 off your order when you spend a minimum of £30. Code valid from Monday 26th Feb – Sunday 11th March 2018 11:59 GMT.
Code must be entered at the time of purchase and cannot be retrospectively applied under any circumstances. One use per customer. Delivery charges apply when you spend under £60 or receive free UK mainland delivery when you spend over £60 (final basket value after discount applied). Usual delivery charges apply to international destinations or if Express Delivery is chosen. Usual website terms apply.

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