Sloe progress

Having bought up a few gallons of too-cheap-to-drink gin, I was a bit concerned about my failed expedition to pick sloes last weekend. What a difference a week makes…

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It’s been so lovely and mild there’s hasn’t been a frost yet so the berries are bagged up and in the freezer. I have so many I think I’m going to need to buy some more gin. It’s a hard life ; )

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  1. says

    Gin seems to be the big thing here in the UK. I am not big on alcohol generally and I have to admit I’ve never had it (gin that is), but the home made stuff sounds quite appealing I have to say :)

  2. Decorator's Notebook says

    I always struggled to find an alcoholic drink I really loved – I only discovered gin relatively recently and now it’s my established tipple of choice!
    However, sloe gin has a very different taste to straight gin, more like a syrupy Port. So warming and wintery!


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