Have you ever seen an Indian summer?

It’s about now – the middle of August when the rain is pouring down, the evenings are already drawing in and the leaves are prematurely falling from the trees – that people begin to utter those fateful words:

“Perhaps we’ll have an Indian summer…”

I’ve got a feeling it might just be one of those myths we Brits perpetuate to try and make sense of our unpredictable climate, like red skies at night, mackerel clouds and cows lying down.

In fact, I’m not sure, in my 27 years, that I’ve ever seen an Indian summer myself. But if I did, I’m pretty sure it would look a little something like this…

{via Pinterest}

{Gypsy caravan cushions, £17.50 each, Graham & Green sale}

{Jewelled espresso spoons, £22 for 6, Cox & Cox}

{via Pinterest}

I love these rich-yet-sultry colours. Here’s hoping all our late summer dreams might come true this year!

Ps – Pinterest is playing up again and isn’t showing the original sources for some of these images. I’ll try and update the links when it’s back up and running…sorry! Oh Pinterest, you do drive me mad but I love you so much I can’t break up with you!

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