Confessions of an anonymous blogger

The new year has begun, I’ve turned over, and a crisp, clean page of Decorator’s Notebook is waiting to be filled. But as a naturally reflective person I’d be foolish not to spend a few moments reviewing lessons learned before I uncap my digital pen and let loose on that fresh new page.

You see, there’s something about my blog that’s bothered me since its very inception and nags away the back of my mind every time I write a new post.

Decorator’s Notebook is an anonymous blog.

Have you even noticed?

Frozen hair

The truth is, there’s really nothing exciting to hide (I’m no Belle de Jour) but when I first started writing Decorator’s Notebook I felt nervous about blurring the lines between my blog, my work and me. I started blogging because I wanted my own little creative space that was (selfishly) all mine. No editor, no deadlines, no brief. If I wanted to blog about something off-subject, I would. If I wanted a week off, I could. If I wanted a little rant, well…

But as time went on, I began to fall in love with the real pleasure of blogging… sharing with others… with you!

I absolutely love reading your comments and I cherish every single one. With so many things demanding our attention nowadays I feel honoured that anyone takes time from their day to let me know they’ve read my posts. The thing is, when I look through the list of people who have commented most, at the top are the few fellow bloggers I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person. The lovely Marianne, Michelle and the My Friend’s House girls are right up there.

Why’s that then, I wonder?

It might be because we have interests in common and blog about similar things. Or that we all live in or near London. But I bet that’s not it. It’s because to them I’m not a dragonfly logo. Because they know me as more than a corner of my face or a pair of disembodied feet. Connecting with people properly when you’re hiding (even if it’s for an honest reason) is tough and I sometimes feel like I’m letting my blog down by keeping those barriers up.

I’m not going to become one of those fascinating oversharers, or start posting photos of myself wafting around in my outfits every day. I just think it would be nice to have a proper author photo in my sidebar and sign off with my first name when I leave other bloggers comments every now and then. You never know, if I’m feeling daring I might even change my gravatar!

I know it might sound extreme to be agonising over all this, but the reality for me is even these small changes could be risky. But if it really matters to you, I finally feel confident enough to do it.  So the real question for you is this:

Do you feel you’d connect more with Decorator’s Notebook if you could put a name to a face?

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  1. says

    Yes please, a first name would be lovely! I don´t mind anonymous blogs (why should I, mine is sort of anonymous, too), but I think a first name makes a difference, if only so we can address you properly 😉 This is by the way an issue I am constantly pondering over with my blog, should I disclose my full name, should I post pictures of me etc. Difficult!

  2. says

    Hello. I don’t think you should get yourself in a tricky spot professionally by ‘coming out’ by any means, but at the same time I do think it’s good to have a personal connection. I don’t think having a name is make or break to any blog – it’s actually very cool not to have to make it about ‘you’ as such (and Decorator’s Notebook is a great name, btw) but people do connect to other people. Ironically, as we’re perhaps becoming a little more socially disconnected by living our lives online (or maybe that’s just me!!!) it’s nice to put a name (even just a first name) and/or face to whatever/whoever you’re reading or following online….
    Personal decision though. Don’t feel pressured into it :)

  3. says

    I do not mind you being anonymous at all…I love DN and will continue to love it even if you do decide to sign your name…methinks ‘Greta Garbo’ up there, and she will know who she is if she sees this comment, is being very naughty trying to encourage you to put a name or a face…ha ha!! xxx

  4. Heather says

    I probably fall more into the over sharing category of blogger. For me, blogging has all been about making personal connections and I’ve met some people I hope will be friends for life. But I think you also have a really strong voice, full of personality so I don’t think adding your name is essential to your blog.

  5. Angella says

    I think your personality comes through in your writing, and I have sort of formed my own opinion of who you are and what you are like. If it feels right to you to reveal yourself, then go with that, but I will join the other opinions that say a connection can be made even without the personal details. Either way you have a truly lovely blog and a very artistic and creative soul and I always enjoy my visits here. :)

  6. says

    I have followed your blog & commented a few times & do not think that a personal name is important at all – I am simply Dee (at the Carlton) on mine; I like your style & your blog is interesting & up to date & I think by not over sharing or having a photo & name, you keep a little air of mystery which is nice …

    Dee at the Carlton

  7. says

    My blog is anonymous too. Again, not for any particular reason – possibly because I do think people sometimes overshare and wonder who is really interested in that kind of thing – not me really. It’s something that I wrestle with sometimes, but I do like a certain amount of anonymity, as do a lot of people – it adds to the intrigue. Keep it up and be as anonymous as you want- it’s a great blog either way.

  8. says

    I know I’ll continue to enjoy your blog whether you decide to reveal more about yourself or not – it’s brilliantly written and your personality and inspirations shine through regardless of whether there’s a photo in the sidebar.

    I haven’t been blogging as long as you but, for what it’s worth, I was also extremely reticent about sharing images of myself, or even my name. I think the BYW2 course that I did soon after starting gave me the confidence to share a bit more and I’m fine with that, although to be honest I have no idea whether it’s attracted readers or help build connections!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you feel comfortable with sharing more and feel that you will get something out of it then I’d say go for it!

  9. Honor says

    I’ve never really thought about it to be honest – I enjoy your content/writing/photos regardless. Yes, perhaps it would be nice to be able to put a name/face to your blog but only if it’s something you’re comfortable with. Either way, keep up the good work!

  10. Mandy says

    The absence of your name means to me that you keep your public and private lives apart. You never know why you may be better off keeping it private, but you’ll know when you wish you had! (If you know what I mean).
    I like anonymity on the internet as a buffer. Authors have their agents, as do other celebs. You are more free somehow when you are protected. It seems sensible to me.

    Follow your instincts.

  11. says

    No – don’t need a name or a face – I like anonymous blogs but how anonymous are they really in that they do have an identity, but the content is the thing surely… anyway you have the complete freedom to be anywhere on the spectrum you want; from very private to share-all or even a fake identity. Honestly some people share too much, like lots of their meals and banal stuff…it always amazes me that we have incredible online technology (blogs, twitter) and people use it to share what they just ate!


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