Clarity: my word for 2015

Word for 2015 Clarity

A new year beginning is always a time for reflection for me. For the last few years I’ve felt so whisked along by the hustle and bustle of life that it’s hard to find time to be still for a moment, to breathe, think and take stock.

This year, I’ve chosen CLARITY as my word for 2015.

It’s defined as ‘clearness of thought and style’ and I really hope that the coming months will help me to visualise a clearer picture of my future. Although Joe and I are still honing and shaping Decorator’s Notebook each day, I’d love to create more security for our precious business this year. To bring some definition and separation to our home and work lives and feel settled and at home in Bristol, which I feel I’ve barely yet explored.

In January last year, I chose COMPOSURE as the word to guide me through 2014. Did I manage to follow it? Hmm, well, in parts. I’m not sure I’ll ever be the sort of person you’d describe as ‘easy going’ and I do still tend to get wrapped up in things. But I have found it easier to stay composed during this year, mostly due to Joe’s stabling presence since he moved to join me in the West Country this summer. Where I get tangled up in details, Joe can step back and see the wider picture. When I have found it difficult to see the path ahead, we’ve stuck together to negotiate a route and helped one another stay on track. That’s been the best thing about 2014 for me: our little team.

So, here’s to a clearer, brighter 2015. Have you chosen a word for the year and what do you hope the next 12 months will hold?

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