House Tour: How to mix global and vintage pieces (and make it work)

global and vintage open plan living room dining room house tour

I often ponder what it really means to say a home has ‘character’. It’s one of those styles you can’t easily describe; a look you can’t put your finger on. But when you see it, you know it. When you feel it, it’s warm and cosy and comfortable inside.

For me, a characterful home is one that layers different styles together, unifying furniture and accessories sourced from different eras and places together. But doing this well isn’t quite as simple as it sounds… it can easily slip and feel visually confusing and uncomfortable. This beautiful home has no such trouble and is a textbook example of how two of my favourite looks – vintage and global – can be layered and blended to create a relaxed interior with something intriguing to see at every turn.

Global and vintage dining room house tour

bohemian style home house tour

eclectic home vintage bohemian interior

blue painted kitchen vintage style house tour

blue painted kitchen cupboards vintage kitchen

global bohemian bedroom - house tour

bohemian bedroom with Indian textiles

Indian painted cupboard - house tour

vintage bathroom

This is one of those fantastic homes where the more you look, the more you see. A salvaged find here, an Indian treasure there. The house belongs to Peter and Georgia Zoric who have been collecting antiques to fill it for over twenty years. Perhaps that too is the secret: to accept that a characterful home doesn’t just happen overnight. It has to grow and evolve with the family that lives there, taking on their personalities piece by piece.

There are so many more details to see from this stunning home, so head over to The Design Files to see the full house tour in all its glory. If you’ve been inspired to pick up some eclectic Indian pieces of your own the new collection of fair trade homeware at the Decorator’s Notebook Shop is full of treasures, so do come and see how we can help you create a global home of your own.

[Photographs: Angelita Bonetti. Styling: Anna Flanders. Originally featured on The Design Files]

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