Food Week II: Manger

I really enjoyed dedicating a whole week of posts to my passion for food blogs last year so have decided to bring it back with my favourite five discoveries over the past 12 months. Welcome to Food Week II!

You know a food blogger is good when you don’t just want their cooking, you want their life! Mimi Thorisson moved to the stunning Médoc in France a year and a half ago and Manger is a mouthwatering journey through her family’s new adventure.

manger blog picking strawberries

madeleines manger blog

coffee and yogurt manger blogI love how lots of Mimi’s posts focus on growers and producers as well as recipes… it immediately makes me want to run away and sign up for a summer job as an asparagus picker!

white asparagus picking manger

recipe for garlic soup manger

acacia treeWhile Mimi’s prop styling and photography (by her husband) are undeniably beautiful, she doesn’t shy away from less photogenic subjects. Her bacon is fatty, her whelks are wriggly and her fish has heads on. In an age of cling-wrapped supermarket produce and schoolchildren who don’t know where eggs come from, I respect her a lot for that.

seabream recipe manger

whelks manger food blog

ingredients photography manger blog

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of prettiness to be found… oh and there’s a good helping of gratuitous cute puppy pictures too, which obviously gets Manger an extra vote from me!

puppy and cake manger blog{all Oddur Thorisson for Manger}

So, if you love food, France, flowers (and puppies) head over to Manger and follow Mimi’s Médoc journey.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Food Week…

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