Food Week II: Whole Larder Love

You probably all know by now that in less than a week I’m shipping out of The Big Smoke and heading back to rural Somerset to camp with my parents for a while and get the Decorator’s Notebook Shop off the ground. In the midst of packing up Le Flat I have started daydreaming about getting back to my countrygirl roots. I think all this has a good deal to do with why Whole Larder Love makes such a fitting end to Food Week.

Rohan Anderson Whole Larder Love

mushrooms cooking on open fire WLL

eggs whole larder love

Ever since I was tiny I’ve been interested in wild food. My Granny taught me too look for a dark red dot in the centre of lacey cow parsley flowers – the signal that a fragrant wild carrot could be found under the soil below. In autumn we’d pick miniscule bilberries and gobble them straight from the bush and in summer Dad would take Joe and I mackerel fishing off St David’s Head. I still think there’s no better breakfast than quiveringly fresh fish cooked under a gassy caravan grill. Growing up, I never thought anything of it. I thought this was how all children spent their weekends and holidays. But after seven years living in London I have an enormous appreciation of – and nostalgia for – those early culinary adventures.

crab apples whole larder love

whole larder love wild cookery

cooking pot whole larder love

Rohan Anderson’s Whole Larder Love blog is more about discovering, hunting and gathering ingredients than the recipes you can make with them. I adore the idea of being led by what you can find and coming up with something good to eat afterwards rather than starting with a cookbook. His photos are so perfect you can almost smell the damp earth and woodsmoke drifting up from your screen.

enamel mugs WLL

camp bed in cabin whole larder love

gathering walnuts whole larder love{all Rohan Anderson for Whole Larder Love}

If I lived just a little bit (!) nearer to Australia I’d sign up for one of Rohan’s foraging workshops in a heartbeat. Not for the squeemish, the dropdown booking form offers the choice of “I’d like to skin a rabbit” or “No thanks, I’ll just watch.” Love it.

As soon as I discovered Whole Larder Love it went straight on my Feedly and I’ll be putting the book on my Christmas list too. I hope you enjoy exploring this blog as much as I do.

Have a great weekend everyone x

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