Ethical fashion picks for a feel-good autumn

Ethical fashion for autumn

There’s something about autumn that makes me want to invest in new clothes. I actually don’t enjoy hot weather too much, so I get a lot more excited about the idea of thick tights, warm boots and woolly jumpers when autumn arrives than I do in other seasons.

In my pledge to shop more sustainably, I’ve been immersing myself in the gorgeous autumn-winter collections from my two favourite ethical clothing shops, Bibico and People Tree. I think it’s brilliant that ethical fashion is really taking off… as with many trends, where fashion leads, others will follow, so it’s really positive that people are thinking more about how things are made, and that designers see a profitable future in supporting fair trade manufacturers. Joe and I have spent the summer working with some amazing new fair trade groups, social enterprises and co-operatives on our new collection of fair trade home accessories (launching next month!) so we hope this new way of thinking is here to stay.

Working from home means I don’t need an extensive office wardrobe anymore, so instead I plan to invest a little more money in fewer key pieces that I can feel confident have been well-made by people who got a fair deal. Here’s my autumn-winter wish list:

Ethical fashion for autumn Decorator's Notebook[Top: Trellis jumper, £69, Bibico]

[Above: Painters Print shift dress, £69, Bibico]

Karen horse print dress People Tree

[Karen horse print dress, £110, People Tree]

Zig zag skirt People Tree

[Hanna Zigzag skirt, £85, People Tree]

Felicity stripe dress People Tree

[Felicity Stripe dress, £90, People Tree]


[Denim shift dress, £69, Bibico]


[Petra blouse, £45, Bibico]

Do you feel like the fashion industry is spearheading a change in the way we shop? Have you changed the way you buy clothes, food or homeware because of concerns about artisans or the enviroment? I’d love to know what you think…

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