“Decorating trends we all want to see the back of” : discuss

According to the Interiors Fashion Police (yes, that link is to Elle Decoration) the decorating trends we’d all like to see dead and buried during 2012 are as follows…

{via Better Homes & Gardens}


“I adore books and cannot imagine life, or my home, without them,” says Ronda Carman, of All the Best Blog. But for her, books as props have a short shelf life. “Rose Tarlow put it best: ‘An object added for effect instead of affection will always look like an affectation.’”

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Antiques dealer Richard Shapiro has modernism malaise, calling out the “monotony of one midcentury room after another, all with predictable, gratuitous, gimmicky accessories.”

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It’s time to retire brightly lacquered Hollywood Regency furniture, says decorator Mary McDonald: “I think we all have seen enough garage-sale junk sprayed in high-gloss Skittles colors to last through the next century.”

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Designer Mario Buatta singles out “dysfunctional decoration,” his term for interiors that don’t relate to people. “Everything is done for styling, and nothing has to do with living— there’s no place to have a conversation or set down a drink,” he says.

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The DIY craze has run its course, says decorator Sheila Bridges, who has seen her share of “earthy, handmade concoctions. Just because it can be reclaimed doesn’t mean it should be.”


Hmmmm, so what do we think of these?

Are you sick of these trends too or are there others that get your goat? Do you see red when told to Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake? Are you painfully aware of how striking spiders look against white painted floorboards? Do gallery walls filled with black and white photographs of someone else’s ancestors feel fraudulent to you?

Or are there any supposedly passé trends you’ll cling onto until the bitter end, because you like them and you don’t care what anyone else says?

Go on, tell it like it is. I dare ya!

{all quotes via Elle Decoration}

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  1. says

    I personally think that trends in small doses is ok, but the whole sense of your home has to come from what you really like to look at everyday, it might not be trendy or passe, but it has meaning for you, this is what makes each home unique..

    • says

      I agree – I think if you’re “into” interiors you can become a bit sick of the sight of some looks and even specific designs that you begin to go off them, even if you loved them when they were new and fresh.
      But, if something makes you happy and you like it, you should definitely stick with it… your home should reflect you above all else, regardless of fashions and fads.

  2. says

    Totally agree, at the end of the day your house is your home. If it gives you a migraine just sitting in the middle of a room, splinters in the bum from that eco chair made out of palettes, or challenge your ocd tendencies then as Duncan Bannatyne says… I’m oooot!

  3. says

    Totally agree with all of the above! I think your home should be comfortable, inviting and practical but most of all should reflect someone’s personal style and interests and not just because of the latest trends..why on earth would you pick a sofa because it looks good but is uncomfortable?! Things I’m sick of in the interiors world are walnut floors, cream leather sofas, porcelain tiles and alcoves painted brown or a wall papered chimney breast!! I’m just so over it and think it’s completely exhausted at this stage! But if someone likes all of the above and they’ve added their own personal touches there’s nothing wrong with it. I just think it’s out dated!

  4. says

    I really hate tidy clear or minimal kitchens – such a lie! A kitchen is like a studio, a workplace several times a day. It could only be clear if you have staff, OCD, nothing better to do or eat out all the time. Surely they should be covered with wilting remains of bunches of parsley and old shopping lists, post, hand cream, gloves……etc X

  5. says

    Its funny you posted this. Another blogger had a very similar post and she asked what people thought would be trends that were on their way out. Well, I guess I made the mistake of saying that the owl trend and paper mache animal heads as wall art were going to be the next things people get sick of…and she was NOT happy with my comment! She even wrote another post about how she would never say anything like that to a client ..blah,blah, blah. Turns out she’s an owl fanatic and I hit a nerve. Oops! People definitely do have their favorite things! I think its fine to jump on the trend bandwagon if you really enjoy something and want it in your home. You just have to understand that you may end up growing tired of seeing it everywhere, to the point you just don’t want it in your decor anymore. The rooms I love seeing on blogs are the ones where individuality shows through… a little bit of whimsy, a personal collection, original artwork, well-worn objects that are loved. In the end, its all about what brings you joy.

    • says

      Oh no! Why ask the question if you’re not going to consider the answer? If you’re interested in interior design (or any design) I think you have to accept that your tastes are naturally going to evolve. You grow in and out of styles but that doesn’t make them wrong. And you have to be aware that others might grow in and out of those styles at different times to you.

      I was watching a fly on the wall programme on TV and there was a man on it who had genuinely never seen a ‘Keep Calm’ poster before… I nearly fell off my sofa in disbelief!

  6. says

    books used as props!??? I never noticed that, nor the ‘hollywood regency’. I obviously don’t pay attention! I’m not a fan of trends (never have been) but the decoration trend I would really like to see dead are the ones people wear. yes wear! Cath Kidston, Boden and Orla Kieley. generally in the form of handbags. maybe its just the area I live and work in but its so dull when all you see is the same thing hanging from the arms of women day in day out. whatever happened to individuality huh????

  7. says

    Thank you for including “books as decorative objects” I can not tell you how much this bugs me. I can not stand it when i see an interior staged for a photo and they have gone and found books based solely on the color of their spine so the books match the color scheme at play. If these designers had ANY appreciation for what books are and have done for society, they should be ashamed. If you buy books based on their color of binding and not their content, then it is clear it is a fake space. …Kinda like along the lines as Madeline above with the perfectly minimalist kitchens… it is not real and in so i dont want to live in it.
    Books are one of the more interesting insights into a persons interests. Book collections say as much abut you as your ipod playlist does. It is bothersome to see an interior that is supposedly made to live in but is really a lot closer to a set or a stage. One can not imagine living in such a place that they can not even put a book up there that interest them unless it is in that modern shade of red. Really needs to be OUT!

  8. says

    I like homes & rooms chosen with the same eye – things collected by real people who make them work together. Some people get it right, others do not.

    Like many people, I happily have seasonal things on the coffee table or sideboard – eclectic bits I have found from numerous places & somehow they sit together happily … try something, if you don’t like it, change it again!

  9. says

    I love the DIY and Upcycling trend. I’m a big diy-er and I love to see other people’s work as much or more than my own. There is no truer way of expressing yourself in your home than my making and doing yourself. I also love the mid-century modern, but with a rustic twist.

    The end of the ‘hollywood regency’ would be pleasant and I would find myself relaxing while reading a magazine again instead of being shocked with each page turn.


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