Design Can Change the World: The Information Blanket

The Information Blanket The idea that a purchase here in the UK can directly improve the lives of people in need in developing countries is central to what we do at Decorator’s Notebook, with many of our products being made by social enterprises and co-operatives around the world. For this instalment in the series we wanted to share with you The Information Blanket to show how great ethical design can make a real difference.

Living in a culture where child deaths are rare it is easy to ignore what a problem infant mortality remains across the globe. In 2011 a New York, for-profit social enterprise was established with the goal of producing a product which could play a small part in educating mothers with basic knowledge regarding breastfeeding frequency, vaccination scheduling, growth rates and illness warning signs.

Their solution was to produce The Information Blanket, a useful baby blanket which aims to educate and empower parents through easy-to-understand iconography, graphics and information about the health of their newborns. The beautifully simple graphics on each blanket provide easily accessible information which can empower mothers to identify potential problems before it’s too late. After all, as the team at The Information Blanket remind us, babies don’t come with instruction manuals!

What’s more they operate their business on a buy to give model, so for every $40 English language version of their blanket sold, they will donate a blanket to a mother in need somewhere else in the world. This gives us the chance to make a difference and potentially save a life somewhere else in the world.

The Information baby Blanket Their blankets are available for sale directly from The Information Blanket website along with more information about their project.

Small ideas really can make a huge difference if we share them, so if you think this is a story worth telling, please spread the word using the social media buttons below.

Our ‘Design Can Change the World‘ series will highlight innovative and ethical design ideas improving the lives of people around the world. If you’ve come across any creative ideas which make a difference and deserve to be shared, please let us know in the comments and we’ll write about our favourites.

[All images courtesy of The Information Blanket]

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