Decorator’s Notebook Shop is here!

Welcome to the most exciting day for Decorator’s Notebook ever!

It was almost exactly a year ago today that Joe and I joined forces to follow our dream of opening the Decorator’s Notebook shop. It’s been an amazing time and today we are thrilled to share the result: a refined range of handpicked accessories to help you create a more personal and beautiful home. Here’s a taster of our launch collection…

Easterly Welsh Blanket £230 Decorator's Notebook Shop

I love products with interesting stories, makers and traditions behind them, so everything I’ve chosen for the new shop has intriguing origins as well as good looks. The Easterly Welsh Blanket is designed in London on a vintage dobby loom before being woven at one of the last remaining woollen mills in Wales.

Dipped terracotta mug - £12.95 - Decorator's Notebook Shop

These Dipped Terracotta Mugs are so gorgeous! Each one is handmade in India by members of a fairtrade co-operative where training and secure employment is provided and the empowerment of women is encouraged. The base is unglazed terracotta and has a lovely earthy colour and texture.

Burren Waffle cushion - £60 - Decorator's Notebook Shop

As well as pieces we’ve sourced from talented craftspeople around the world, you’ll also find a growing range of designs made exclusively for Decorator’s Notebook. This tactile Burren Waffle Cushion is one of them and has been created for us by Irish designer Ciara McGarrity. The Burren is a breathtaking national park in Ireland where rare plants and flowers can be found growing up through the limestone. The colours of the plants inspired the embroidery.

Campfire screen print - £60 - Decorator's Notebook Shop

Another exclusive, this time our Campfire Screen Print designed by my favourite illustrator Double Merrick. The great outdoors was a big inspiration to us growing up, so we commissioned Merrick to create a design that reflected both our love of adventure and the comforts of home.

Feather vases - £34 each - Decorator's Notebook Shop

You’ll find a natural thread running right through our collection, whether that’s in materials, patterns or rural crafts. These stoneware Feather Vases are thrown by hand before being decorated with delicate photographs of guinea fowl and pigeon feathers. I think they’d sit equally well in an ultra-contemporary or country-style home.

Landscape coat hooks - £45 set of 3 - Decorator's Notebook Shop

If you’re organising your home for autumn these are for you! These Landscape Coat Hooks come as a set of three – one in copper, one black and one lakeland design. We have co-ordinating cushions too.

Wire and Wicker basket - £38 - Decorator's Notebook Shop

Lastly, a stylish Wire and Wicker Basket for homegrown produce or logs by the fire. Many a crumble was had after this photoshoot day!

So, what do you think? Without this blog the Decorator’s Notebook shop would never have come about, so there’s nobody’s opinion we’d love more than yours!

Have a good poke around then please let us know your favourite product and help us spread the word!


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