Tin ceiling tiles: the answer to my living room dilemma?

So, the dilemma of what to hang above my sofa continues and eight months after I wrote this post the wall in question is exactly the same.

Until now. Well, perhaps.

{Pale & Interesting}

{Gigi & Flo}

I’ve seen a few rooms decorated with these lovely embossed panels on Pinterest but have only recently found out what they are and, therefore, how to search for them. They’re tin ceiling tiles that were used in grand old houses in the American south.

{via Lavender & Ash}

Needless to say, they’re rather too blingy for me when used as intended, but search out rusty painted ones, divide them up and beautiful, subtle wall art is born.

{via Dishfuntional Designs}

Some people have thought of clever alternative uses for them – they look gorgeous as cladding for these kitchen units in photographer Debi Treloar’s home and left shiny they make an unusual glam headboard.

{Debi Treloar}

{via Dishfunctional Designs}

So, what do you think? Would a collection of these look really great here? And if you agree, do you think I should go for a regular grid or a more haphazard display of different sized tiles above my sofa?

{Decorator’s Notebook}

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  1. says

    I would be careful about using them painted as they might just look like an old pub ceiling with anaglipa paper on. Polished and buffed they look very bling. Having said that – they do make a statement and add panache to a room. What about a really chunky extravagant cornice instead?

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Rowena. I was thinking more of taking a few – maybe three or four – and hanging them on the wall as art rather than fixing them to the ceiling. They’d go on the bare wall above the sofa in the last picture… can’t decide whether to have a regular grid or line; or whether to go for a more haphazard arrangement of different sizes.

  2. says

    I think random mix. Someone left a comment on my blog once about where to get them in the UK – can have a look if you want.

  3. says

    I think the likes of the ones from Pale and Interesting and Gigi and Flo would fit perfectly in your room. Art is such a challenge.

    I have finally managed to find some posters and prints that I like, but I can’t seem to find nice frames for them. I have been to different custom framers but didn’t like their ranges…

    • says

      Oh, how I sympathise! The stack of things I have ‘waiting to be framed’ is completely ridiculous! Not sure what you’re looking for but I really like the ODBY range from IKEA (you can just about see one in the living room picture). They’re simple and look a lot more expensive than they are, I think. I’m also a fan of the BACALL range from Habitat which are glass front and back. Good for framing irregular sized bits and bobs.


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