The quest for the perfect bedside table

Hanging bedside table

Probably the most controversial post I’ve ever written on this blog centred around the humble bedside table. Innocent enough you might think, just a cool idea I saw on another blog. But boy, did one reader disagree…

“I usually do not leave comments, especially a negative one, but I feel compelled about this. This is without a doubt the most idiotic post of all time. Anyone stupid enough to do this should get what’s coming to them… And you think this is brilliant? Am I missing something?”

That’s just a small excerpt too, if you want to give yourself a giggle and read the whole of “the most idiotic post of all time”, just head here and scroll the comments :-)

Anyway, this isn’t exactly what this post is about, but I do have bedside tables on the brain once again. I’m looking for something a bit more creative than the usual and have turned my mind to the idea of getting a bit creative with found materials. Here are a few potential candidates I’m considering. Be warned, if you are as easily offended by style over practicality, turn away now. Or hit me with your comments… that’s what they’re there for!

Cinder block bedside table

I like the idea of a cinder brick bedside table. Not just the concrete (something I love the idea of but haven’t been brave enough to use in my own home just yet), but particularly the little cubby holes in the blocks for stashing bedside essentials. They’re quite shallow too, which would fit the small space I have available. Downside, where will sell me just three blocks like this? I bet in reality you’d have to buy a whole pallet!

Vintage stool bedside table

Now this is simple and pretty. This is the beautiful home of Carole Poirot and I love how the dark wood vintage stool contrasts with the soft greys in the rest of the room. The colours in my bedroom are very similar so this would work… but perhaps a bedside table with more hidden storage would work better for my clutter?

Dolly tub bedside table

This could work for me. It has the vintage vibe I like without being too ‘pretty’ and the inside of the dolly tub would be a useful place to stash magazines or extra blankets. I guess it would be simple enough to cut a wooden top with a jigsaw or perhaps adapt a wooden chopping board. This is a real contender.

Ferm living house bedside table

This house-shaped cubby from Ferm Living is cute. Not much storage room but just enough for a glass of water, book and something pretty. I’d need to re-think my bedside lights though. They’re Original BTC style ones with ceramic shades and I am quite attached to them. You’d need a hanging light or something wall-hung to go with this as there’s no space for a table lamp.

Apple crate bedside table

An apple crate bedside table would be easy for me to do and we already have several of these around which we use to store our samples in the office. They could perhaps do with a lick of paint though to make them more interesting… perhaps I could pick out the navy or coral from my kantha quilt?

Drawer bedside table

This drawer bedside table works well too. I like the idea that you can put things inside the drawer to keep them contained and (perhaps) make it less likely I’ll knock over my water glass in the middle of the night! If this projects too far into the room, the drawer could be attached to the wall vertically instead.

So, what do you think of these ideas… is one a hit or shall I keep on searching? Do you have a proper bedside table? Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more bedroom ideas and inspiration.

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[Photographs: 1 House and Garden | 2 Apartment Therapy | 3 Carole Poirot | 4 House of Bliss | 5 Ferm Living | 6 Roomed | 7 Mobel Pobel |

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  1. says

    Nothing negative here! I love a bit of bedside styling, I’m strangely intrigued by the concrete blocks, it seems like a perfectly cool stylish idea! Plus love the little house wall shelf, a great place to rest that bedtime reading book!

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