Sorry Rudolph, I might be warming to this reindeer rug trend

reindeer rug decorating trend

reindeer skin throw on bench

reindeer skin rug

{via Reindeer Facts / Johanna Pilfalk / Koko Classics / Cox & Cox}

What do you think?

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  1. says

    I love them but…. we have one in our living room and we have a spaniel that malts terribly and I can report that the reindeer malts more than the dog! It drives me mad. It’s gone to live in the conservatory for the winter!!

  2. says

    Ah, that’s where we were going! While I love how these rugs look in photos, I couldn’t have one in reality. Quite apart from the shedding (good point from Kim) I don’t do animal skins of any kind at home – sheepskin, leather, nothing. This has proved really tempting over the years when a particular design piece has wooed me – Robin Day’s Forum sofa comes to mind – BUT, for me – and this is purely, purely personal – there’s no point in choosing not to consume animal products but then to use by-products as decoration.
    So yep, aesthetically, a great look and I get why you’re lovin’ it, but am staying true to my roots! :)

  3. says

    I have to say I LOVE my reindeer rugs…I have one in my bedroom and one on my landing and they look fabulous on my oak flooring. Yes they shed but a good shake outside once a week and hanging outside for the day every month or so keeps it to a minimum. Personally I think vacuuming up a few hairs everyday is well worth the beauty these rugs give to a home.


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