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Friends sometimes think it’s strange that I don’t have a single photograph on display in my flat. I’ve generally thought that walls of smiling faces are for people with kids – the kind of people who like those ultra-bright canvases where family members sit around on a white floor pointing their bare feet towards the camera. “Look at us, we’re soooo unbelievably relaxed about this!”


A couple of weeks ago it was my Grandad’s 80th birthday and everyone chipped in to make a This Is Your Life style album full of photos from the family archive, most of which I’d never seen. They couldn’t be further from those garish canvases and I can’t get enough of them.

Here’s my Grandad (helpfully marked with an X – perhaps he thought he might forget which one he was!) in the Lampeter College tennis squad in the early ’50s. What jolly chaps!

This is the 1948 family holiday to Christchurch with my Grandad on the left, along with my Great Aunt, Great Grandmother and Great Grandad. That pipe’s a regular feature of the album. He managed to lose it for the engagement and wedding photos but was firmly back in place by the time he and my Grandmother arrived in Jersey for their honeymoon.

Nice quiff Grandad.

{Family photos all Decorator’s Notebook}

That wedding dress remind you of anyone’s?

So, I’ve decided to have some of these photos framed and turn the wall above the stairs into a little gallery. Of course, like anything involving a feature wall in my flat, I’m now faced with a heap of different photo display ideas to decide between. This diagram is a bit mind boggling, but it’s a good place to start and shows just how many different options there are.

{Via Hubpages}

{Via Sawdust & Paper Scraps}

The crispness of this is appealing, but I quite like the idea of mixing in a few other vintage bits and bobs I’ve got lying around too. Ooh, these are nice…

{Via Design Amour / Decor8}

I have a tendency to be a bit lax when it comes to getting this framed, so I like the idea of sticking or pinning some things up without having to bother. Jumbling up things of all shapes and sizes gets around the weird angles of the wall I’ve got to work with too. Now I just need to get hold of a load of frames. This could take some time.

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  1. says

    Those old family photos are brilliant and beautiful. I have (for now anyway) one wall full of paintings, photos, prints etc and it’s a complete mix of styles and things…it constantly changes, but for now I like it 😉

    Hope your Sunday was ok despite the rubbish weather xo

    • Decorator's Notebook says

      Thanks for popping by and leaving my very first comment – it means a lot to me! Building a home that evolves over time is one the most enjoyable part of decorating I think. It’s nice to mingle different memories and things you’ve made and bought together into something that’s meaningful to you.

      • Paula says

        Hi there. I stumbled across your site as Im trying to crate a relaxed eastern look for my living with a punched metal light shade to finish. I too spent ages looking through numerous websites and shops to no avail, everything was sooo expensive. Until now, Iv just found the in my local BHS the same shade you have, but paid, dare I say…… £38. I really pleased!!

  2. Morgan John Watkins says

    I’m pretty sure that on the first photo (Lionel at Lampeter) my father is on the bottom right hand corner. His name was John Morgan Watkins, who unfortunately passed away in 1990. I would highly appreciate it if your grandfather could confirm this information. I live in Brazil. He was part of the tennis team and if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, he actually was captain.


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