Easy peasy handmade notecards

There are many advantages to making your own cards. In my case, the decision to send handmade Christmas thank you cards was mainly based on the idea that the recipients might not notice how late they are if they get something that looks like it’s taken time and effort to create.

Brilliantly, these button cards require neither time nor effort, so everyone’s a winner! I’m sharing them with you on the understanding you won’t tell…

You will need:

Blank cards and envelopes, half of one colour and half of another (I used white and kraft cards from Paperchase)

Martha Stewart Button Punch (this one)

Interesting paper (eg: an old book, music manuscript, origami paper, gift wrap)

Pritt stick

How to do it:

1) Position the punch in the bottom right hand corner of each card (line up the lower edge of the punch with the lower edge of the card to get it straight). Press hard to punch through. The button should still be attached to the main body of the card at the top and bottom (see below). Take care not to detach it.

2) Take your interesting paper (I used a page from an old book) and punch out enough buttons to give you one for each card.

3) Punch out another button from the main body of the card above the first, leaving enough space between them to glue the ‘interesting paper’ button in place (you can hold it in position as a guide). This time, detach the button completely, leaving you with a circular hole. Keep the button to one side.

4) Repeat with all the cards.

5) Glue the ‘interesting paper’ button between the first button and the hole.

6) Take the buttons you’ve punched out and glue behind the holes you’ve made in the contrasting colour card.

6) When ready to post, put the cards into contrasting envelopes for a bit of extra interest.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

Reading this I realise I’ve managed to make these instructions sound really difficult but hopefully the pictures are pretty self explanatory!

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