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Nothing makes a present feel more thoughtful than an element of personalisation, but making something from scratch isn’t always possible. I think that’s why our double sided picture frames are so popular in the Decorator’s Notebook shop as they make it really quick and easy to make a special gift using photos, postcards, invitations, pressed flowers or even a sprinkle of confetti. If you’re looking for a creative birthday or wedding gift, I want to share some fresh ideas for turning our double sided picture frames into a personalised work of art!

Double sided picture frame collage Decorator's Notebook shop

Wedding Collage: A personalised collage is a wonderful wedding gift and there are lots of mementos that can be collected from the day to fill a large double sided frame. Include a favourite wedding photo of the couple as a starting point and combine with the invitation, a pressed flower or two from the bride’s bouquet, a vintage map of the venue and a pinch of confetti. This is also a perfect idea for a first anniversary ‘paper’ gift.

Holiday Collage: It’ sad to leave photos stuck on a memory card or hard drive, so have a special photo developed and make it the centre of a holiday memory collage in a double sided picture frame. Combine this with postcards collected from favourite attractions, ticket stubs, postage stamps or even colourful foreign packaging.

Paper Cut Art: Transparent picture frames with glass both sides are perfect for paper cut art which can be tricky to display. I have a lovely traditional Polish wycinanki in one of my frames which was part of an event invitation. You can also buy modern paper cuts from artists such as Rob Ryan or our friend Mustard Cuts. For bespoke paper cuts with your own names or messages try Mimi and Mae.


Gifts for Gardeners: Pressed leaves and flowers look really pretty in a double sided picture frame to showcase the delicate shapes and colours. Even just a single stem looks lovely in a small frame, or you could even use a mini hanging picture frame for a single petal. This is a useful guide to the art flower pressing to keep blooms looking their best.

Vintage Ephemera: I’m a born collector and I can’t resist buying bits and pieces of antique ephemera from flea markets and junk shops. I have boxes full of cigarette cards, old French seed packet labels, scraps of packaging with interesting fonts, postcards written in flowing calligraphy and black and white photos. Double sided picture frames are perfect for anything you could put in a scrapbook but would prefer to have on display, so make a collage and free your collection from its box!

Natural Finds: Double sided frames from Decorator’s Notebook are hinged so you can put anything inside as long as it’s thin enough for the catch to close. Think about items gathered from nature with interesting shapes and colours, like pretty feathers, seed heads, autumn leaves or even a found butterfly wing to create a nature table for your wall. It’s really easy to change the contents of the frames whenever you like or according to the seasons.


Because these double sided photo frames are so popular, we’ve recently expanded the collection at Decorator’s Notebook to give lots of different options. They now come in brass and copper as well as zinc and a choice of either portrait or landscape formats in all three sizes. There are also mini hanging frames which are perfect Christmas decorations or place cards for the table, wooden double sided frames with lovely distressed paint and a classic brass frame with a wider border. Explore the complete collection of transparent picture frames by visiting the Decorator’s Notebook shop here and play the video below to see how easy it is to make your own collage using one of our frames.

Double Sided Picture Frames from Decorator’s Notebook from Decorator’s Notebook on Vimeo.

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