P is for Paper Pom Poms

I’m afraid I have mixed feelings about Martha Stewart. To be honest, I couldn’t give two hoots about her financial affairs… it’s the beleaguered pet thing, first world problems and mind-boggling array of endorsements that I struggle to swallow. And don’t even start me on the whole edible baby thing.

Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying that Martha is the undisputed godmother of the contemporary craft revolution and so I have to acknowledge my debt to her and her minions for the subject matter of this post.

And yes, I am claiming a triple word score for the alliteration on this one:

P is for Paper Pom Poms…

{The Balcony Gardener via Pinterest}

{Pom Pom Factory via Pinterest}

{via The Glitter Guide via Pinterest}

{Weekday Carnival via Pinterest}

{Lori Danelle via Pinterest}

If you’d like some of your own, click here for a tissue paper pom pom tutorial or buy ready-made from Pom Pom Factory or The Balcony Gardener. Papermash sells honeycomb tissue balls. Don’t forget you can follow all my Pinterest boards here.

Finally, if you didn’t click the link at the beginning to the edible baby thing do it now. Trust me, you need to see this.

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  1. says

    I love them too (see our online store). Made them for my wedding a couple of years ago and have done them for friends since. I like the big projects pom pom factory does too.


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