Colours for my bathroom: sensible vs mental


I’ve spoken about my bathroom dilemmas before. I think that inheriting a room that’s ‘fine’ but not quite to your particular taste makes decorating a real challenge, especially in bathrooms because changing the main components of the room is expensive and hard to justify if not strictly necessary. When I first viewed the flat the… 

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To do list 2012


I don’t really believe much in new year’s resolutions, but I believe very strongly in making lists. When I first moved into Le Flat nearly two years ago it was a hive of activity. The dark forest green spare room was given a makeover with fresh white paint and a soft stone feature wall ready… 

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Before & After: my kitchen


After last week’s wobble about my home and all your comments and tweets I promised you a few more peeks of Le Flat here at Decorator’s Notebook. So, let’s kick things off with the heart of the home shall we? It’s a particularly appropriate place to start because this time last year I had no… 

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You should put something really great here


Oh, how I smiled wryly to myself when I came across this photo last week: {via Murray Mitchell} You see, this is exactly what I think every time I walk into my living room. I present to you, Decorating Dilemma #1… {Decorator’s Notebook} Don’t get me wrong, I like this room a lot but I… 

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Flowers in the window


It’s such a lovely day And I’m glad you feel the same* {all Decorator’s Notebook} It’s not much I know, but welcome to my ‘garden’ readers! Last weekend I potted up my window boxes for winter with crimson cyclamen, trailing ivy and some bulbs which seem to be poking up already even though they’re meant… 

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Come dine with me…


On Saturday I donned my pinny, got some cheesy tunes on the iPod and spent a lovely day pottering around my kitchen cooking up some tasty treats for three blogging friends. Join us for pudding? {all Decorator’s Notebook} I love old fashioned Downton Abbey-esque puddings and the Lemon Posset was scrumptious, lemon squeezy to make… 

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