Eat. Sleep. Pin.


Just in case there’s anyone out there who’s missing out on the gorgeousness of Decorator’s Notebook’s Pinterest boards, here’s a quick reminder… {via Pinterest} If you’re there too leave a comment with your username and we can all pin and party together!

Z is for Zinc


Wow, can you believe we actually made it! When I kicked off this series in September last year with A is for Aran we Pinterest fans were in the vanguard. Now it’s the third largest social network in the world and there are more than 20 million of us pinning and re-pinning like crazy people…. 

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Y is for Yellow


I love yellow. I wear it all the time and I often think of introducing a golden accent to my predominantly grey and white home. I think the penultimate Pinterest A-Z might be just the push I need to introduce some sunshine into my life! Y is for Yellow {West Elm via my Pinterest boards}… 

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X is for kisses


Ok, I’m a dreadful cheat. But believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted xylophones and x-rays were less than inspiring! So, I’m spreading a little love on the blog today instead – and that’s why… X is for kisses {Miranda July via my Pinterest boards} {via First Date via my Pinterest boards} {via Lessons in Detail… 

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W is for Windows


There aren’t many things that are unchangeable about a home. A new wall colour, different flooring, beautiful wallpaper and tasteful furniture can transform even the grottiest of rooms. Frankly, if that wasn’t the case, I’d be out of a job and Decorator’s Notebook would be a very boring place indeed! But however hard you try,… 

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V is for Vignettes


This is a funny old term – photographically speaking, vignetting is a very particular technique, but in the world of interiors it’s come to refer to a close-up composition of objects, usually on a shelf or table. To be honest, what I’d prefer to call a straightforward detail shot. But for the purposes of this… 

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U is for Underage (aka kids’ bedroom ideas!)


Scraping the bottom of the alphabetical barrel perhaps, but I do think this is a really worthy subject for my Pinterest A-Z series because there are so many brilliant childrens’ rooms out there . Here’s my round-up of big ideas for making home a more exciting place for the little ones. {via Jelanie via my… 

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T is for Tea


Trust me, you don’t want to meet me until I’ve had a cup of tea in the morning. Especially on a Friday. So let’s get on with it shall we? {via Wit & Design via my Pinterest boards} {Le Pétrin via my Pinterest boards} {Selina Lake via my Pinterest boards} {via 79 ideas via my… 

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