Scandi envy


Oh, to be dancing drunkenly around a pole with flowers in my hair right now. {via Honestly wtf} For those who need clarification, I mean this kind of pole, rather than this kind of pole. That’s a whole other story. Happy Midsummer Scandinavian friends!

Lace top + brown belt + skirt = love


Clearly, this ain’t no fashion blog, but there’s one look I just can’t get out of my head at the moment. {Sunday Crossbow} {Style Me Pretty} {via Pinterest} In my fantasy world, I would be heading for summer looking like this… but to start with, does anyone know where I can find a nice lace… 

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Remembering Japan


{Decorator’s Notebook} Today marks a year since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Inspired by My Friend’s House, I’ve been folding colourful cranes and remembering in my own little way. There’s a staggering set of ‘then and now’ photographs of the affected areas on the BBC news website – slide the bar to see… 

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I like this, and some days that’s enough…


Don’t worry, I’m not going all ‘fashion blog’ on you. Believe me, if you saw what I was wearing today you’d realise I wouldn’t even try! However, I can’t get the loveliness of this picture out of my mind, so I’m posting it here because this is my blog and that means I can… {via… 

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Now this is glam

It’s nothing to do with Christmas. It’s nothing to do with interiors. It’s not even tasteful. But it does have more sparkle than you can shake a stick at and is f’ing brilliant, so I’m posting it anyway.   I was minus 11 years old when this was filmed… do you ever get the feeling… 

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Movember for girls


There are rather a lot of dashing mustachioed* men wending their way around London town at the moment. Not that I’ve been looking… If you’re feeling left out ladies, how about getting your own little floral number? {via Pinterest} Simply print, cut out and voila! * this is an actual word, which makes the whole… 

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Wild food in Wimbledon (failed)


There was something a little different on the agenda for this weekend… a fungi foray on Wimbledon Common! To sum up: Hours spent looking for mushrooms: 4 Blisters suffered: 2 Edible mushrooms collected: 0 Oh well, at least we had a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine! {all Decorator’s Notebook} My friend found these little… 

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