Tin ceiling tiles: the answer to my living room dilemma?


So, the dilemma of what to hang above my sofa continues and eight months after I wrote this post the wall in question is exactly the same. Until now. Well, perhaps. {Pale & Interesting} {Gigi & Flo} I’ve seen a few rooms decorated with these lovely embossed panels on Pinterest but have only recently found… 

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The one where I impulse-buy a stripey carpet


Having a job that involves looking at beautiful houses with amazing interiors every day turns a person into the most annoying kind of decorator. The kind who spends hours boring their friends with their hunt for the perfect shade of grey paint. The kind who blogs and tweets about grand plans for their living room… 

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Decorating dilemma: indoor olive trees


I don’t like house plants, I’m absolutely certain on that. So I really shouldn’t like these… {via Just Pretty Things} {Stylizimo} {Vosges Paris} {House of Philia} Apparently olive trees are “pretty low maintenance, great for someone who likes plants that don’t mind a little neglect.” Well, that someone sounds very like me, and I already… 

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Colours for my bathroom: sensible vs mental


I’ve spoken about my bathroom dilemmas before. I think that inheriting a room that’s ‘fine’ but not quite to your particular taste makes decorating a real challenge, especially in bathrooms because changing the main components of the room is expensive and hard to justify if not strictly necessary. When I first viewed the flat the… 

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Coloured internal doors. Now there’s a thought.


Checking your incoming links and finding you’ve been added to someone’s blogroll has to be one of the nicest ways to discover a new blog. And it’s even nicer when you get some love from a blog as inspiring as Taking Notes. I popped straight over and had a good poke around Katrin’s amazing house…. 

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Blue, blue, electric blue. That’s not the colour of my room


Ok, so I am susceptible to the occasional decorating dilemma. But this one thing I know for sure: I don’t like blue. Oh no siree. Hang on, what’s that? You’ve got some beautiful blue rooms to show me? Rooms full of atmosphere and character in rich navy and teal tones? And I’ll definitely love them… 

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Do homes bloggers need a reality check?


I spend a lot of time browsing homes blogs from all around the world and I have to admit, I find the experience a bit of a weird mix. I feel inspired by the perfectly styled interiors I see, with their pretty vignettes and pristine rooms but it’s hard not to measure my own home… 

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Do you like a bit of rough?


Does anyone remember the TV show Ruth Watson did a few years ago where she helped wannabe hoteliers do up their establishments? It was kind of The Hotel Inspector (which I love) meets Grand Designs (which I don’t). Anyway, one of the stories she followed was that of The Reading Rooms in Margate, which the… 

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