Iceland’s tiny churches


Wherever I travel in the world I find myself strangely drawn to churches. The architecture is always so beautiful and there’s something I love about the musty smell of polished wood and the slow clacking sound of people desperately trying to walk quietly on stone flagstones. I came across these adorable little Icelandic churches in … 

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Vintage shopping in Bologna


Just before Christmas my Mum and I bagged some £17 flights and headed to the lovely historic city of Bologna in Northern Italy for a few days. By happy coincidence our visit coincided with the twice-monthly flea market in the gorgeous square outside the church of Santo Stefano. Mum taught me pretty much everything I… 

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Decorate with sugar and spice


I’m not really into ‘themed’ rooms but I do have a couple of Moroccan-style bits at home, like this carved screen and one of these leather pouffes. I love the juxtapositions that define this look: spicy accents against sugar-white walls and elaborate geometric patterns in pared-back, clutter-free rooms. I haven’t been to Morocco (yet!) but… 

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Do you like a bit of rough?


Does anyone remember the TV show Ruth Watson did a few years ago where she helped wannabe hoteliers do up their establishments? It was kind of The Hotel Inspector (which I love) meets Grand Designs (which I don’t). Anyway, one of the stories she followed was that of The Reading Rooms in Margate, which the… 

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La Braderie: the day I died and went to vintage heaven


My friend and I had a fantastic weekend hunting for treasure at La Braderie in Lille – Europe’s biggest flea market! There was so much to see, so much to buy and we came away with some great goodies. Photos of what I bought will have to wait until this weekend (it’s too dark for… 

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Riot protection, 13th century style


South London has been a pretty scary place to be the past day or so. With all the talk of gun violence, stolen trainers and the disenfranchised youth it’s easy to think of all this as a very modern problem. So it made me smile when I stumbled across a photo of this C13th house… 

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