Coloured internal doors. Now there’s a thought.

Checking your incoming links and finding you’ve been added to someone’s blogroll has to be one of the nicest ways to discover a new blog. And it’s even nicer when you get some love from a blog as inspiring as Taking Notes.

I popped straight over and had a good poke around Katrin’s amazing house. A-MA-ZING with capital letters and hyphens and everything. And that’s not even taking into account the picture perfect German village it’s in, or the walled garden, or the fact that garden has a BARN IN IT! House envy? Natürlich.

Inside the renovation is full of lovely little touches, including this one, that’s really got me thinking…

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I’m sure everyone has those little niggly things about their homes that nag away at them. In Le Flat, that thing is my cheap plywood internal doors. The living room one even has a hole where the handle should be. I know, I know.

Of course, they were the first thing I was going to change when I moved in and two years later they’re still there, taunting me with their god-awfulness. Reclaimed stripped-pine doors would be the obvious replacement, but the reality of my budget means I’ll be plumping for new pine doors that are going to need painting. It had never crossed my mind to use anything other than white / off white, but there is something about this Thatcherite blue that I can’t get out of my head.

This colour-phobe might just be for turning!

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