The seven ingredients of a perfect guest bedroom

I think that the day I’m able to afford a home with the luxury of a guest bedroom is the day I’ll properly feel like a grown-up. That, and a downstairs loo. Anyway, I was browsing my beautiful bedrooms Pinterest board recently and realised how many of the photos I’d given the title ‘perfect guest bedroom’ … and that got me thinking. How do you create a space for visitors that feels like a real home from home?

fresh garden flowers in bedroom{via Curated Style}

When I go home for the weekend my Mum always puts a vase of flowers from the garden in my room. It’s such a small but thoughtful gesture and always makes me feel extra special. Shop bought flowers will do too of course, but there’s something about the casualness of a homegrown posy that makes me feel especially welcome.
Allocating space as a dedicated guest room is a luxury most of us don’t have, but it’s still possible to give your friends and family a little nook of their own even if the room has another function – like a home office or storage – the rest of the time. Hang a panel curtain from the ceiling or invest in a folding screen to give your visitors a small private area of the room.
It’s always nice to be able to unpack your bag when you go to stay, so try to provide a little space to hang clothes if you possibly can. A few hooks on the back of the door and some wooden hangers is enough… these ones are made from a collection of pretty drawer handles screwed into a piece of wood.
calm grey bedroom with hanging bedside light{via Griege}
Ever stubbed your toe finding your way back from the loo in an unfamiliar house? Spare you visitors the agony by popping a simple lamp next to the bed. If you don’t have room for a table lamp, consider a space-saving wall light or hanging bulb instead.
This one’s very dormitory chic, but I love the idea of fitting a washbasin in the corner if you have the space. There are loads of incredibly compact options, even some that will easily fit inside a fitted wardrobe. Look for teeny tiny wall mounted basins designed for downstairs cloakrooms.
I’m a total fuss pot when it comes to my bed – I like a nest of duvets and blankets wrapped around my body but my head always on the cold side of the pillow. Most people have their own picky preferences so the only way around this is to offer several bedlinen and blanket layers they can add or take away as they like.
Warning! Only consider this one if you really like your guests… bringing up a cup of tea first thing is sure to earn you the accolade of perfect host and you run the risk they’ll want to stay forever!
Do you enjoy preparing for visitors or do you find it a chore? How do you make guests feel extra special?
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  1. says

    Lovely post! We are just planning our move to SW France to open a Chambre-d’Hote and there are some really lovely ‘space saving’ ideas here. I think I’ll stop short of taking paying guests a cup of tea in the morning…you could get an unpleasant surprise ;-).
    Julia at Sujiivana Design

  2. Mandy says

    You can also put another dog on the bed if you feel the room is too chilly !

    Seriously though, I have heard that when one is away from home one tends to feel the cold more, so give guests the option of extra bedding . . . .

  3. says

    I love preparing for guests to stay over. In our guest room I keep my old vintage typewriter so I type out a welcome message on old brown paper and leave it in the typewriter itself so they can add to it if they wish. Usually our friends leave funny replies and cute comments which (like a weird B&B wanna be owner!) I then keep!


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