Probably the dreamiest bedroom in the world

Fellow white-lovers, prepare yourselves…

{all Taverne Agency via Campagne Décoration}

Where to start?

The original shutters? The beautifully battered floorboards? The crumpled linens? The lofty ceiling? The easy-as-pie vintage book wall art? The Deborah Bowness wallpapers? I think I could happily live in this one room alone and never want to leave!

The lucky girl who gets to sleep here is coiffed interior designer Lyn Gardener, the creative force behind Australian interiors shop Empire Vintage. I’m sure you’ll recognise snippets from the rest of her home too.

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  1. says

    Hmmm, I agree the whole ‘bath in bedroom’ thing is a funny one. I think perhaps a bath tub only is ok but definitely not a loo???

    (Personally, I am a showerer so perhaps I just don’t understand it full stop). Looks pretty though :-)

  2. says

    That room is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it including the bath – though I’m not completely sure about the practicality of having the family bath in my bedroom 😉

    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I didn’t see the Freud exhibition. I was too late to get tickets for last week, so will have to try again another time. Still, I just love spending time there.

    Have a good week xo


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