Shot in the dark

I love these deep, atmospheric images styled by Hans Blomquist – the watery light and inky blues set the perfect mood for autumn.

{Styling Hans Blomquist via Agent Bauer}

I’ve written before about my recent conversion to blue interiors – these just about seal the deal. Blue so often feels like a cool or fresh colour but these rich slate shades seem so soft and cosy to me.

Would you decorate with blue in your home?

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  1. says

    These are gorgeous, especially the one with the Japanese maple in it, the soft green really shows up well against it. I’m planning on my kitchen being this colour, at least one wall, hopefully two-although maybe a shade bluer than this, more an inky/French blue/peacock tone. It’s such a beautiful colour!

  2. Heidi says

    I think these are brave to use such dark colours. I find blues a really relaxing colour for home decor, especially in comparison with ‘fiery colours’ like orange and red…

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