Patterned tiles: floors I saw and liked

Looking back, I think it probably all started with this bohemian bathroom in Norway. What began in the bathroom has spread to almost every room in the house as my love of patchwork tiled floors has grown to almost alarming heights. Anyone else find themselves afflicted?

patchwork patterned floor tiles in hallway

{unknown via Pinterest – please get in touch if you know the source}

mix and match patterned floor tiles in bathroom

{via Houzz}

band of patterned floor tiles in doorway

{via Lovely Life}

bohemian kitchen with colourful patterned floor tiles

{unknown via Piccsy– please get in touch if you know the source}

Patterned floor tiles black and white monochrome

{Wichmann + Bendtsen via Dwell}

elegant hallway with original patterned floor tiles

{Fired Earth}

I know this is probably one of those short-lived trends that will have us all regretting our passion in a couple of year’s time as we’re on our hands and knees trying to chip out grout and desperately looking for some sort of tile paint that won’t peel. But then again, the Spaniards have been using encaustic tiles as their flooring of choice for centuries so perhaps this trend is a little more enduring than I might think.

If you’re considering it, here’s where to buy patterned floor tiles in the UK:

Alhambra Home ( – just a stone’s throw from my old flat in Sydenham, Alhambra sells imported encaustic tiles traditionally made by skilled artisans in Spain. They’re not put off if you only want a handful and will give you guidance on creating your own perfect patchwork.

Fired Earth ( – a tasteful collection of tiles, mainly in soft colours to blend in with your heritage paint brand of choice. Styles range from authentic Victorian to elaborately Moorish. It’s well worth downloading the beautifully-photographed tile brochure which contains some lovely design ideas.

The Reclaimed Tile Company ( – is the place to head if only the real deal will do. They have a gorgeous selection of designs salvaged from historic buildings in Spain, France and Italy. You’ll need deep pockets if you plan to tile a whole room however – expect to pay around £250 per metre.

Original Style ( – take a look at the Odyssey range for lovely patterned tiles in subtle shades. You’ll also find a good selection of borders which can be combined with cheaper plain tiles and the odd patterned accent to get the look on a budget.

eBay ( – with a bit of luck, eBay can be a treasure trove of tiles, from odd bits salvaged from Victorian fireplaces to job-lots of designer tiles left over from upmarket interior design projects. ‘Encaustic tiles’ and ‘Minton tiles’ are good search terms to try but don’t forget to check the item location before you bid!

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  1. says

    Great post. I’m a big fan of patterned floor tiles. I don’t think they will ever go out of style, they are ancient. I used encaustic tile for my bathroom floor. Cuban tile. There is a specific style that developed in Cuba and Villa Lagoon Tiles in the US has recreated the designs. There is also a book called Havana Tile Designs you might like. Here is a link to my bathroom tile:

  2. Vivien Thomas says

    I’ve just watched Building Dream Homes (BBC2) and seen a black and white tiled bathroom floor to die for. Been trawling websites looking for something similar and found this. Fab! Will have to dig up my sensible but boring black tiles and start again!


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