Dreaming of a white wood house

I stumbled across this lovely Norwegian home last week – it’s the kind beautifully put together house most of us can only dream about… freshly-painted wood panelled walls, time-softened linens, handfuls of wildflowers, zero clutter, restful rooms just for guests, vintage tat galore…

I have a bit of a thing for vintage maps – this one looks lovely against the pale blue and white striped wall. Even though I don’t usually like blue!

I really like the blend of white, off-white and cream paint – casual yet thoughtfully designed at the same time.

Great use of what I’m calling ‘Fortnum’s Green‘ in the hallway. It’s one of those colours I’m becoming mildly obsessive about at the moment.

Oh, to have a colour-coded linen cupboard like this! Even Martha would be envious!

{all Liv Sandvik Jakonsen via Livs Lyst}

The house belongs to interiors stylist Liv Sandvik Jakobsen and if this style’s your bag you’ll swoon over her blog too. And as if this wasn’t enough loveliness for one woman, Liv and her husband have recently bought a remote farmhouse they’re in the process of renovating too.

I’m so pleased for her I could actually weep.

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  1. says

    If I ever get an old summer house on the Swedish country side (DREAM come true) I want to decorate it a lot like this style. Old, traditional, beautiful linen and creamy whites.


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