Spend the night in Van Gogh’s bedroom!

Van Gogh bedroom Airbnb - 7

You did a double take, right? Me too!

This room has to be the most weird and wonderful listing on Airbnb – a bedroom in Chicago that recreate’s Van Gogh’s masterpiece The Bedroom. For a mere £7 a night you can sleep in these colourful surroundings and dream that the rolling countryside of Arles is just outside the window… amazing!

Van Gogh bedroom Airbnb - 8

Van Gogh bedroom Airbnb - 2

Van Gogh bedroom Airbnb

Every detail in the painting has been faithfully recreated in the room. The walls, furniture and accessories have all been painted to give the appearance of Van Gogh’s distinctive brushwork and flattened perspective… it takes the idea of a paint effect to a whole new level.

Van Gogh bedroom Airbnb - 6

Van Gogh bedroom Airbnb - 3

The room was created by The Art Institute of Chicago to promote the current exhibition Van Gogh’s Bedrooms which will give art fans the chance to see all three versions of the painting together for the first time in the USA. A pair of tickets are included in the $10 a night room price.

Unsurprisingly available dates to stay in the room sold out in a matter of minutes but more dates are being released to book in March and April over the coming weeks – keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

[Photographs courtesy of The Art Institute of Chicago for Airbnb]

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