If I was a cool kid…

In my youth my bedroom walls were plastered in posters of the Backstreet Boys painstakingly extracted from Smash Hits magazine.

I was not a cool kid.

If I was, I might have had these…

avett brothers poster status serigraph

band of horses poster status serigraph

flaming lips band poster status serigraph

avett brothers band poster status serigraph

Cincy_Phish poster status serigraph{Justin Helton / Status Serigraph}

They’re all designed by Justin Helton, a graphic designer based in Knoxville, Tennessee who blends illustration and typography to create these hand printed poster designs. You can see lots more (and buy one) at Status Serigraph.

Oh, and please feel free to share any embarassing teenage fanclub stories below… we’re all friends here 😉

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  1. says

    My walls were plastered with photos of Take That. I was obsessed to an almost stalkerish degree, I have to confess. (I met them once and nearly fainted…) The only even-ever-so-slightly-not-embarrassing bit was that I was a massive Howard fan. That shows some sort of alternative thinking, right? (Or maybe it just makes it all worse…)

  2. says

    As a teenager, my walls were an eclectic mix of Pavel Bure (hockey player), River Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg (from his Marky Mark, Calvin Klien ad days), Bob Marley and Curt Cobain. The strange part is, I’m not sure when I out grew them nor do I recall taking them down or what replaced them.

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