Ghosts of Gone Birds

After a typical week in the office it’s usually all I can do to muster the energy to get back to Le Flat and unscrew the top of the gin bottle.

But last Friday I found a little extra energy in reserve and called into the Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition at the Rochelle School on the way to my friend’s for dinner. And I am so glad I did!

{One day our past will be all there is to look forward to by Charming Baker}

Two years ago over 200 artists were given a long list of birds that have become extinct or are on the verge of being lost forever and asked to create a special work highlighting the story of one or more species. The idea was to bring together art and conservation in a fresh, thought provoking way and raise funds for BirdLife International.

{If Only by Rob Ryan}

Some of my favourite contemporary artists were there, including Rob Ryan, Angie Lewin and Peter Blake and I made some new discoveries too, like Rebecca Jewell who contributed two lovely works made from monoprinted luggage labels and feathers.

{Six Skins and a Single Egg by Rebecca Jewell}

Sometimes exhibitions bringing together lots of different artists can seem a bit disjointed but the common theme in this one was so strong that everything hung together really well, despite the amazing array of mediums – everything from metal sculpture to delicate knitted wire, collage and embroidery.

{Tahiti Rail by Harry Adams}

I’m a big fan of norfolk-based printmaker Angie Lewin who had two works in the exhibition – the tiny print below and also a larger screenprint produced for the Jealous Print Portfolio, a collection of prints by 18 artists being made in editions of 125.

{Double-banded Argus by Angie Lewin}

I fell head over heels for Angie’s limited edition print  Nest and have been raiding my piggy bank to see if I can afford to by one. It’s a beautiful screen print with a tangle of feathers in soft greys and face powder pink. I’m planning to pop back to the exhibition for second look and will let you know if I take the plunge!

{Bishop’s O’o’ by Ben Newman}

Ghosts of Gone Birds is on at the Rochelle School in E2 until 23rd November. It’s free to get in and I highly recommend you pop along if you’re in the Shoreditch area.

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