A beautiful film about ancient craftsmanship in the Rainforests of Borneo

When Bethan and I opened the Decorator’s Notebook shop, we didn’t know whether we’d be able to sell truly unique, handmade products online. Would people need to see them with their own eyes and touch them with their own hands to really appreciate their craftsmanship, beauty and value?

Over the last six months, we’ve been really happy to find that our decision to go ahead and sell handcrafted home accessories we love was the right one and you’ve really embraced products like our handstitched kantha quilts, hand-thrown pottery and dipped beeswax candles. Your passion for carefully designed and beautifully-made global goods has not gone unnoticed and we’ll soon be unveiling a new collection featuring more unique home accessories from Kenya, Mexico, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, which we hope you’ll love just as much as we do.

If you appreciate small scale production and traditional crafts, you’ll enjoy this film. Documenting the process of making a blow pipe in the rainforests of Borneo, it encapsulates the everything that’s special about “slow design” and the care and precision that goes into ancient traditional crafts that are made to last.

Sunset Over Selungo

This video is an extract of a 30 minute film “Sunset Over Selungo”, to be released online on the 22nd of September 2014. The documentary was created by film-maker with the aim of helping the Penan tribe of Borneo protect their rainforest home by supporting a proposal for a new protected area that would guard their lands against loggers.

Find out more about how you can support this cause at the Sunset Over Selungo Kickstarter page. Watch the full trailer on Vimeo.

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