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We’re Bethan and Joe: sister/brother; home-lover/traveller; south-west/north-east

After years of solo adventuring and city living we joined forces to create the Decorator’s Notebook shop… our new take on an old fashioned family business. One where we can live and work in our native Somerset. One where we can meet and collaborate with the world’s most passionate designer-makers. One where taking time is more important than production lines. One where useful is equal to beautiful and where authenticity is at the heart of everything we do.

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This blog is where the Decorator’s Notebook journey began: as Bethan’s online scrapbook of inspiring interior design ideas while working as a magazine journalist and stylist. Two years on we’re still here gathering photos of stylish homes, with a little more food, craft, lifestyle, travel and outdoor loveliness added to the mix. Whether it’s a product, a room, a story, a person or an idea, if it speaks to us, this is the place we’ll share it with you!

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