X is for kisses


Ok, I’m a dreadful cheat. But believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted xylophones and x-rays were less than inspiring! So, I’m spreading a little love on the blog today instead – and that’s why… X is for kisses {Miranda July via my Pinterest boards} {via First Date via my Pinterest boards} {via Lessons in Detail… 

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First attempt at food photography


Ahh, the bliss of a bank holiday weekend! I decided to use the bonus day to try something that’s been on my list since I bought my DSLR camera and 35mm lens a few weeks ago. In fact, this was only the second time I’ve used my new camera at all so I’m still trying… 

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Join The Room Debate!


Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to The Room Debate. I have a feeling today’s bedroom might provoke some strong reactions so let’s get the discussion started! As always, it’s easy to take part. Just have a good look at the room photo below and leave a comment with your answers to these two questions:… 

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Wycinanki: Polish papercut art


I’m notoriously rubbish at getting things framed and have boxes full of ephemera, prints and doodles that I’ve been intending to hang on my walls for yonks. However, with half an hour to kill on Tottenham Court Road before dinner here (go, it’s great) I found myself in Habitat and remembered to pick up a… 

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Lots of rural charm in the country


Radostina posted this wonderfully tumbledown farmhouse in southwestern Sweden on 79 ideas yesterday and I knew straight away that I had to share it with you. Owners Gunilla and Sven Montan have spent 15 years painstakingly restoring the farm using traditional materials and techniques. The building has been decorated using linseed oil, lime plaster and… 

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W is for Windows


There aren’t many things that are unchangeable about a home. A new wall colour, different flooring, beautiful wallpaper and tasteful furniture can transform even the grottiest of rooms. Frankly, if that wasn’t the case, I’d be out of a job and Decorator’s Notebook would be a very boring place indeed! But however hard you try,… 

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Name the place


I’m really intrigued by these Places cushions by Swedish textile designers, How Are you. Each one shows a landscape photographed by Niklas Blom and is named after the longitude and latitude where it was taken. Paste the co-ordinates into Google Maps to see the exact spot the tripod was standing. 61.496164,8.808289 68.150634,14.201546 61.393267,8.798332 OK, so… 

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