Wallpapering day…BEFORE


My friend and I made a pact. I’d help her with her wallpapering and she’d come and help me with mine. Back in April we completed our first attempt and my friend now has a gorgeous palm leafy hall. Check it out here. Tomorrow sees the second installment. Well, actually the third installment but the… 

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Friday, I’m in love…


… with the beautiful photography on this German blog {above} …with this washi tape for walls … with these free printables for summer jam making … with the work of these artists painting my favourite place in all the world … with the lovely Blognic girls who have supported me with comments during my first… 

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A table for (more than) two


It’s natural to want what you don’t have, right? Well, in the case of my flat, my biggest want is a proper dining table. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my (pretty realistic) pretend Tulip table and DSW chairs (a bargain from here) very much… …but it’s a pretty tight fit when friends come… 

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Creative spaces: artists in their studios


A year or so ago I decided to try and re-awaken my artistic side by taking life drawing classes, and in preparation, spent some time studying Lucian Freud‘s paintings. I fell in love with his honest, evocative portraits, so was very sad to hear yesterday that he’d died this week at the grand old age… 

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Inside Croatia’s cutest cottage


If I didn’t have to be in wet and windy London this weekend, I’d definitely be here… {Damir Zizic via Kuchica} Kuchica, which means ‘little house’ in Croatian, nestles in the lush hillside near Zagreb. Lovingly restored with flea market finds, rustic colours and bare minimum of fuss, the 100 year old cottage can be… 

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Can I live in your shop, s’il vous plait?


Today’s shop tour is brought to you from the amazing Kidimo in Paris. Owner Nicolas Flachot scours antiques fairs and flea markets all over the world for eye-catching signs, from which he hand-picks the perfect selection of wood, zinc and Bakelite letters to spell out a word of your choice. Typography lovers, you’re in for… 

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I love Billy Balls


That’s craspedia to you Latin types. What did you think I was talking about? Shame on you. When a certain shade of grey meets a certain shade of yellow, something magical happens. My living room is painted exactly this grey, which means I need to get to Columbia Road sharpish! {Via The Marion House Book}… 

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