15-minute make: magnetic storage tins

I’ve posted before about my tendency to buy foods just because I like the packaging. My kitchen cupboards are full of decanted jam, biscuits and spices – some labelled, others not. Sometimes fun / disastrous at mealtimes!

magnetic upcycled storage tins

This (slightly belated) 15-minute make will require you to shop around for pretty tins and find another home for the contents… that’s the hardest part over and done with. The rest of this DIY couldn’t be easier! My local Turkish supermarket is a goldmine of nice packaging, or scout car boot sales for vintage alternatives.

paprika and mustard tins

magnetic storage tins DIY tutorial

Magnetic Storage Tins

Selection of square or rectangular tins


Super glue / glue gun

1) Empty, rinse and dry the tins.

2) Glue a magnet onto the back of each tin. Use two magnets if you plan to store something heavy. Leave to dry.

3) That’s it!

magnetic storage tins tutorial{A Pretty Cool Life}

These tins are really handy on the fridge or invest a mere £11 in a magnetic knife strip from IKEA and you can stick them anywhere. I like the idea of a whole row above my desk for pens and paperclips or inside the door of my DIY cupboard for nails and screws.

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  1. says

    I love this idea – so obvious but at the same time I totally hadn’t thought of it! I have that very same Colman’s tin, circa 1994, just cluttering up the place “cos it’s too nice to throw out” and my (magnetic) filing cabinet is right next to my desk – a few of those for pens and everyday bits would save me the hassle of, um, opening a desk drawer! *scuttles off to find glue and magnets*

  2. Lynn says

    I just came across this on pinterest and just had to comment, I have the exact same paprika tin and a yellow one from the same company that had garlic powder in it. This is exactly what I had planned for these tins. So, needless to say, I think this is a great idea :)

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