Going Mad for Marble Kitchens

I’m someone who’s not generally into using a lot of bright colours to decorate my home, and one of the main things I grapple with is how to use muted shades without my rooms looking bland. I’ve come to learn that one of the best ways to add interest to a largely neutral home is to embrace the beauty of different materials. Which brings me on to my current obsession: marble!

Historically, marble in kitchens was all a bit ‘yuppie’ but I’ve recently become just a little obsessed with smooth white marble details used in a contemporary way, that oozes easy-going luxury. The carrera marble herringbone wall tiles in the kitchen at the top look just beautiful with the dark blue cupboard doors (painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Railings’) and rustic wood touches. I think combining ‘warm’ elements with the cool marble is the key to pulling this look off… the leather drawer handles above are a perfect example.

Flooring trends rarely get me that excited, but this is one I can really get behind: mixing tiles and wood together to create a clash of materials and textures that’s oh-so-pleasing. These hexagonal beauties are from good old Topps Tiles, would you believe.

marble and mango wood serving board from Decorator's Notebook Shop

Of course, all this is great if you’re re-doing your kitchen, but if you’d like to dip your toe into the trend without making major changes, there are some lovely white marble kitchen accessories you can add in. We recently launched a really nice range of mango wood and marble serving boards, pinch pots and pestle and mortars to the Decorator’s Notebook Shop with that perfect mash-up of warm and cool materials. Click here to see the full mango wood and marble range.

Just a final note on caring for marble worktops as, although beautiful, they do need some extra patience when it comes to cleaning. Acids, including lemon and vinegar, can eat away at the surface of marble, which is particularly worth remembering if you prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning products which often contain these natural acids as an alternative to man-made chemicals. If you’re careful this shouldn’t cause you too much stress, just remember to wipe up any spills straight away and use a simple mixture of warm water and washing up liquid for cleaning. You’ll find more marble cleaning tips in this blog post.

[Photographs: 1 Design*Sponge | 2 Seline Steba | 3 Topps Tiles | 4 Decorator’s Notebook Shop | 5 Malcolm Menzies for 82mm Blog]

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